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Picnic Cooler Tote Bag

PART NO: 092105
The Royal cooler tote bag provides you with plenty that you need to transport to your family picnic or BBQ when camping in the great outdoors.

The large insulated cooler compartment ensures that all of your food and drink will be kept cool and fresh and the additional front zip pocket is also perfect for storing any extra valuables. With a heat-sealed and leak-free lining to ensure ease of cleaning, the cooler rucksack is designed for your comfort and convenience.

Measuring H 30cm x L 38cm x W 18cm at its full size, the picnic rucksack has plenty of room to store all of your food and drinks, whilst also remaining a manageable size to allow for easy storage and transportation.

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•Large insulated cooler main compartment
•Heat sealed no leak lining for ease of cleaning
•Rear zip storage pocket perfect for valuables
•Exclusive Signature Crowns design
•Dimensions: H 30cm x L 38cm x W 18cm
•Capacity: 12 Litre
•Colour: Blue