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Soleil Dining Set

New for 2018
PART NO: 029522
The Soleil melamine set consists of everything you need to dine out in style whilst on your camping or caravanning trip. With 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and 4 cups, you can feed a family of 4 with this useful set.

Made from 100% melamine and with a stylish, bright design, the set is also of a high quality and designed to last. For you convenience, it is also completely dishwasher safe.

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•Stylish and bright design
•Ideal for camping, caravanning, picnics and days out
•100% melamine
•Dishwasher safe
•Not to be used in microwaves
•16 Piece Set
•Set contains: 4 x dinner plates; 4 x side plates; 4 x bowls; 4 x cups