Canvas Features

Hydrostatic Head

This indicates how water resistant the fabric is against a column of water over a specified period of time. The higher the rating the better the waterproofing.

Flame Retardant

All our the Royal flysheets and inner tent fabrics are tested to ensure that they are fire safe. This test stops a fire from spreading by ensuring the fabric does not continue to burn.

Mesh Vented Door

Royal canvas are fitted with a protective door which helps your increase the air circulation, reduce condensation and keep your tent or awning insect free.

Protected Zips

To provide additional protection from wear and tear, our zips have double seamed covers.

Air Technology

This technology greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to pitch our canvas. Using an air pump, you can inflate the air bladders to give the tent or awning form and strength.

Ring & Pin System

This system allows you to create the canvas shape easily when threading poles through the pole sleeve. Pins fit into the bottom of each pole which can then be tightened to form a rigid structure.

Colour Coded Poles

Our tent poles are all colour coded to match the relevant pole sleeves on the flysheet. This will enable you to set up your tent as easily as possible.

Reflective Guy Ropes

To reduce the trip hazard around your tent or awning we have added reflective guy ropes which illuminate in any form of light.

Lantern Point

To help you see better in your canvas during the night, we’ve placed a convenient lantern point within the living area.

Mains Entry Point

We have incorporated handy zipped access points to enable you to feed your mains cable into the tent.

Zip Out Windows

To enhance the visibility within your tent or awning you can zip out your windows. This offers a fresher and more pleasant flow of air to make your feel connected with the countryside.

Pre-angled Poles

Pre-angled poles offer a superior internal living area and head height compared to a standard curve pole. These poles also provide a solid support foundation against brisk strong winds.

Pre-angled Air Beams

Similarily to our pre-angled poles, these offer greater head height but the the convenience of air technology.

Pitch Black Inner Tent

Within the canvas sleeping areas is a special fabric that blocks out daylight more effectively, enabling you to have a relaxing night’s sleep.

Low Level Ventilation

The low-level vents within your tent will improve the airflow and reduce the condensation, giving the air inside your tent a fresher and more comfortable feel.

Roof Windows

We have added rooftop windows along the roof line to optimise the amount of light that is brought into your tent or awning.

Strip Lighting

Incorporated around the window area are built-in velcro ties which can be used as a handy attachment system for strip lighting.